HappyFeet COVID-19 Updates

Updated Last: April 22, 2020

Weekly Classes at Partner Schools

We have returned to a number of our partner schools! We are very excited to be able to work with our HappyFeeters again. The choice of when we return is entirely up to each schools leadership staff. We understand that some are wishing to wait until Phase 3. We are taking a number of precautions as we return to schools and will continue to do so, as we work to help prevent the spread of COVID-19.

We are continue to provide Live Zoom classes that kids can join from home, most days of the week. If you are continuing to support our program and small business we greatly appreciate it, and hope to see you on one of these weekly sessions. All families that are active, have access to our full library of 40+ recorded classes and Live Zoom classes for both HappyFeet and Future Legends. If you are an active family and need help accessing these services please reach out to us at billing@seattlehappyfeet.com

Increased Safety Measures

As we return to in person classes we are taking the following increased precautions to ensure the safety of our HappyFeeters, Partner Schools, and Coaches. We will continue to to modify these as updates are made and recommendations are provided by both the State of Washington and the CDC. The precautions include but are not limited to the following:

  • All staff is asked to remain home should they feel sick regardless of symptoms to ensure we are not spreading other illness that may cause others to become at risk for further complications should they contract COVID-19.
  • All staff that shows any symptoms of COVID-19 are required to remain out of child care centers for at least 14 days or until a negative COVID-19 test is received.
  • Coaches are required to wear masks during the entire time they are in a school and coaching.
  • Our "Bob" soccer balls and equipment will be disinfected according to CDC guidelines after each school. Each school is given the option to keep their own set of "Bobs" during this time.
  • Coaches will wash hands before entering and leaving a school.
  • Coaches will refrain from high fives and activities that increase the likelihood of spreading disease.
  • We will remove "Stampy" and use "invisible Stampies" or stickers.

Billing Policies

We are a small local company that is working to continue to provide for our coaches so that they are able to provide for themselves and their families. We greatly appreciate your continued support during this time. We are looking to continue to abide by our 30 day cancellation policy, so that we are able to plan accordingly as it pertains to staff compensation. Any potential makeup classes or refunds due to extended class cancellations at schools will be determined once we return to the center and begin classes again.

We do understand that this crisis may also be effecting our families financially and we urge you to reach out if that is the case. Our intention is not to upset or burden our families in anyway. Should you feel these policies do not fit the situation, please let us know so potential adjustments can be made accordingly.

League Updates

We have worked to develop the following Return to Play Policy and Field Diagram for any current outdoor programming currently going on. Please advise that changes and updates may be made to this policy based on the most current recommendations provided by the State of Washington and the CDC.

Ballard League: The Boys and Girls Club of Ballard has determined that our standard Spring League 2020 will be cancelled. We are deeply saddened by this news as this league has been a staple in the community for nearly 10 years. All registrations will be transferred to our Fall 2020 League. Should you wish to request a refund please reach out to Dennis Ho at dho@positiveplace.org. We are looking to have a shorter league this Spring once it is deemed safe to play. Please check back soon or your emails for more information.

Lynnwood League: We are working to determine the best time to resume our Lynnwood League. Based on the phased opening plan provided by Governor Inslee, this will likely be once Snohomish County is able to move to Phase 3.

Lake Stevens League: We are working to determine the best time to resume our Lynnwood League. Based on the phased opening plan provided by Governor Inslee, this will likely be once Snohomish County is able to move to Phase 3.

Questions? Contact Us

If you have any questions please reach out to via email at billing@seattlehappyfeet.com or via phone at 206-395-6061. We are always happy to assist!